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SAMS’ Resume Development Service (Beta Offering)

SAMS has been helping UN Agencies and premier I/NGOs hire talent for the past 22 years and we screen and assess more than 10k resumes every year. Our experience suggests the following:

(1) We typically receive 200 applications per vacancy advertised. For key positions with premier clients like the UN agencies, we receive upwards of 300 applications
(2) While we look closely at all applications and spend at least two minutes to confirm the eligibility of each, independent studies suggest that Hiring Managers spend less than 20 seconds to decide whether a resume deserves their attention, or not
(3) Hiring Managers like to look only at the top 15-20 eligible applications (approx. 10% of response) and of these, call only the top 5 to 8 candidates (approx. 3% of response), for interview.

It is clear that job-seekers compete for attention in a very crowded space, over extremely compressed time frames and accordingly need to invest significant care and attention on the preparation of their resumes.

SAMS’ Credentials

Responding to persistent requests by candidates we are in contact with, SAMS is finally rolling-out a Resume Development Service (presently a beta offering) for job aspirants from the Development, Public Health and CSR sectors.

A small team of creative and experienced recruiters, within SAMS, shall help job-seekers develop high impact, professionally written resumes to position them as credible, top choices, for hiring organizations.

How to Place your Order

Step 1: Candidate registers on SAMS website for availing Resume Development Service filling a simple form. Candidate provides basic details in the form and uploads her/his draft resume in MS Word format.

Step 2: SAMS’ turnaround time (TAT) for Resume Development Service is conveyed to candidate through calendar widget. TAT is typically 3-5 days, but may vary, depending on request pipeline and/or complexity of request.

Step 3: Candidate confirms TAT is acceptable and is directed to payment gateway for making online payment for the Resume Development service, as per applicable rates.

Step 4: SAMS receives payment and creates a password protected customer account for the candidate.

Step 5: SAMS shares three sample templates with the candidate to illustrate and agree the style and format in which the resume shall be developed. Candidate selects one and gives go-ahead for resume development.

Step 6: SAMS develops resume in the finalized template and shares draft version(s) within agreed timelines.


As India’s premier recruiter for the Development, Public Health and CSR sectors, SAMS is well-placed to provide this service. We have filled more than 10,000 vacancies in the above sectors during the past 22 years and work closely with Hiring Managers in the above sectors.

We have a first-hand understanding of how Hiring Managers assess resumes and the stringent scrutiny they subject the Qualifications, Experience, Skills and Attributes of applicants, to unequivocally establish their ability to do justice to the role.

Highlights of Service Offering

SAMS’ Resume Development Service has a specific and limited purpose: We review and re-construct your resume, ensuring that it is a professional-looking, high-impact document that does full justice to your experience and credentials, from the perspective of hiring organizations.

Your Draft Resume Is Our Input: Submission of your draft resume in MS Word, enables us to get started. Once you subscribe to our service through the SAMS website, you are required to submit a soft copy of your latest resume, providing complete information about your qualifications, experience and skills, apart from key responsibilities handled by you in all roles, from the time you commenced working, to date. Please note that SAMS does not develop resumes or sections of a resume, on the basis of oral inputs provided by subscribers.

Gap Analysis: We shall study your draft resume, closely reviewing details of key qualifications, experience, skills and attributes, provided by you. We shall relate this to your current job role, as well as the positions you wish to apply for, to identify apparent information, experience and/or skill gaps, that may constrain your active consideration. This approach helps ensure that your resume is responsive to the expectations of the more progressive hiring organizations, in the social sector.

Freeze Resume Template: We maintain a library of resume templates for multiple roles and levels and shall share a maximum of five templates that we believe to be suitable for your profile. Based on need, a SAMS team member shall additionally interact with you to help select the template that best represents your candidature to hiring organizations. We will thereafter commence work on developing your new resume, using the finalized template.

Multiple Resumes for Multiple Roles: Senior applicants frequently require two to three versions of their resumes to enable them to apply for diverse job roles, for which they are eligible. Our service specially addresses this need and provides for the development of multiple resumes at modest, incremental cost.

Turn-around Time (TAT)

Following successful registration and submission of your draft resume in the desired format, SAMS will provide you visibility to our online scheduling widget to indicate the TAT you could expect for your resume. Average TAT for the final delivery of resume shall be 3-5 days from receiving the soft copy of your draft resume.

Once you agree to the timelines proposed, you will be requested to make an online payment for the service.

On successful completion of payment, SAMS will commence resume preparation as per the timelines indicated on the Calendar widget.

A maximum of two rounds of iterative changes to the draft resume we develop and submit to you, shall be addressed by SAMS through the course of service delivery and these will need to be requested within a fortnight of submission of our draft output. Requests for changes over and beyond the above may be counted as a new/ additional requirement and may incur additional charges.

Key Components of SAMS’ Resume Development Process

SAMS shall work in MS Word format and provide you variants in both .docx and .pdf format. The resume developed by SAMS will address the following key aspects to help improve the quality of presentation:

Key Sections in Resume

Career Summary

Skills & Area of expertise

Educational Qualification

Professional Experience

Achievements/ Rewards/ Recognition

Publications (if any)

Training & Certifications

Language Proficiency

Contact Details

  • Improved Language:  SAMS shall ensure use of correct language (English), spelling and grammar to give the resume a professional touch.
  • Succinct and Well-written: The resume shall read well and be drafted in a concise manner to make a positive impact on prospective recruiting managers.
  • Length: The resume shall be typically between 2-4 pages in length, depending on your level of experience. Resumes for junior profiles shall not exceed more than 2 pages, while senior profiles may warrant more pages based on the experience. Relevant experience shall be given more priority.  
  • Structured and Well-formatted: The final layout shall be well organized, structured and formatted to enhance readability and to give your resume a clean, polished and professional look.
  • Highlight Skills and Strengths: Your resume shall highlight your skills, areas of expertise and the potential value you are likely to bring to an organization, based on past performance demonstrated in your career, so far.
  • Professional Accomplishments: The resume shall highlight your professional accomplishments and achievements pertinent to the roles you have played
  • Factual and Not Flowery: SAMS shall develop the resume purely based on facts and shall not endorse any embellishments.
  • Quality Checks: SAMS shall ensure a rigorous quality check by completing optimal levels of proofreading before making the final delivery to you.
  • Chronologically Sequenced: SAMS shall ensure that facts pertaining to educational background and work experience are represented in an appropriate chronological sequence. Gaps and stream changes, if any, shall be clearly explained.

What the Service Does Not Cover

SAMS does not provide the following output in the Resume Development Process:

(1) Cover Letter: This service does not cover preparation of cover letters. However, SAMS may assist you - on request - by providing you access to a resource section that shall include five to six sample cover letters, which you may then develop on your own. This facility shall be made available to you, post-subscription.
(2) Design Elements: Resumes, by default, will not be creative in nature or contain any special design effects such as infographics and other graphics. In case you would like to have creative elements included in your resume, this shall be treated as a special request and is not covered under the routine service offering.


Pricing of SAMS’ Resume Development Service is based on the experience of the applicant:

# Experience Level Single Resume Pricing (INR) Multiple Version Resume Pricing (INR)


0-2.9 years




3-7.9 years




8-14.9 years




+ 15 years



Note: A maximum of two additional versions of your resume shall be provided under the multiple version offering.

Resumes involving Design/Visual elements shall incur additional charges: In case you wish to have a custom look and feel for your resume, additional costs towards inclusion of design/visual elements, will be charged separately and the same shall be ascertained on the basis of requirements specified by you. TAT for the same shall also vary and will be agreed with you, separately, before SAMS commences work on this request.


Design Elements

Price (INR)


Resume with minor design elements
(including use of Clip art, Borders, Shading, Colours, Icons etc.,)



Resume with major design elements
(including use of Infographics/Graphics, Columnar/grid-like layout with visual dividers, Personalized headers or logo, Charts & Graphs etc.,)


Resume Development is an independent service offered by SAMS and in no way linked to our Recruitment Consulting Practice.

We have no way of identifying and give no preference or special consideration, during our screening, assessment and shortlisting processes, to customers, who apply to vacancies with SAMS clients, using resumes developed by us.