Cancellation & Refund Policy


Strategic Alliance Management Services Private Ltd. (SAMS) does not allow cancellation of services and refund of professional fees, or charges, relating thereto.

As mentioned elsewhere, SAMS is a general management consulting firm that inter alia provides HR and recruitment related services to its customers and clients, that include employers and job seekers.

The provision of services engenders significant consulting effort and the incurrence of internal costs, which require to be recovered.

We make diligent effort to disclose full details of our services and deliverables to customers availing of our services. Customers are accordingly advised to read our service product descriptions carefully, so that there is no scope for subsequent disappointment.

In the case of interview preparation services, down-grading subscribers shall be eligible for refund of the incremental charge between a standard and platinum pack. This facility shall be based on request and allowed on a case to case basis.