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Job Description

State Maternal Health Consultant

United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA)


1. POSITION(S) VACANT: State Maternal Health Consultant, United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), Rajasthan


The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), formerly the United Nations Fund for Population Activities, is a UN organization working for reproductive rights for all and supports access to a wide range of sexual and reproductive health services, including voluntary family planning, maternal health care and comprehensive sexuality education.




Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, GoI has launched RMNCH+A campaign for facilitating the achievement of the MDGs and 12th five-year plan goals in the reduction of Maternal and Infant mortality. RMNCH+A is a managerial framework for achieving the reduction of the Maternal and Infant mortality in the country and this was based on the response on Call to Action. The focus will be towards on key high impact interventions with special emphasis on weakly/ poorly performing geographies which would lead to the substantial gains in the reduction of maternal, neonatal, infant and under five morbidity and mortality resulting from the most common causes.


On the basis of a composite health index, 184 high priority districts across the country was selected for focussed and integrated planning and monitoring of RMNCH+A interventions and 10 of them are from Rajasthan i.e. Udaipur, Chittorgarh, Dungarpur, Sirohi, Jalore, Barmer, Jaisalmer, Bharatpur, Karauli and Dholpur.


As part of the RMNCH+A strategy, the major pillars of work will focus on the 10 high priority districts and will include: 1) Comprehensive situational analysis; 2) Assessment of health facilities and community outreach and development of Facility Specific Plans; 3) Development of District and Backward/ Tribal Block health plans; 4) Health Systems Strengthening and Gap filling; 5) Focusing on Improving demand of services; 6) Multisectoral planning; 7) Streamlining Supply Chain Management; 8) Concurrent Monitoring and Supportive Supervision.


State lead partners have been identified in 29 states to facilitate the roll out of the RMNCH+A in partnership with other Development partners and Health Department. UNFPA has been identified as the lead partner in the state of Rajasthan.

Apart from RMNCH+A intervention, the Government of India has also launched the “Aspirational District Programme” in January 2018, which aims to rapidly transform the districts that have shown relatively lesser progress in key social areas and have emerged as pockets of under-development, thereby posing a challenge to ensure balanced regional development.


NITI Aayog has identified 117 districts in the country as “Aspirational Districts” and these districts have been selected on the basis of composite index which includes published data of deprivation enumerated under Socio-Economic Caste Census, Health & Nutrition, Education and Basic Infrastructure and five of them are from Rajasthan i.e. Karauli, Dholpur, Sirohi, Baran and Jaisalmer.


Maternal Mortality reduction is one of the critical goals under the NHM programme and RMNCH+A and aspirational district framework has reemphasized the achievement of the SDGs.


Rajasthan has achieved a considerable reduction of in terms of MMR from 265 to 199 on the basis of the consecutive annual health surveys.




Reporting to the Secretary-Medical & Health & Family Welfare & Mission Director NHM, Director-RCH and State Programme Coordinator, UNFPA State office, the State Maternal Health Consultant (SMHC) shall be responsible for providing continuous technical inputs in the area of maternal health as part of the RMNCH+A unit.


Key Responsibilities and Deliverables:
(1) Provide technical support in the area of maternal health interventions in the state;
(2) Provide technical inputs in the area of various maternal health interventions training like EmoC, LSAS, SBA, Dakshta and Laqshya in the high priority/ aspirational districts;
(3) Facilitate the development of master trainers in the critical training related to the maternal health;

(4) Co-ordinate with the medical colleges in the high priority/ aspirational districts for facilitating the various maternal health training;

(5) Develop a detailed plan in terms of the post training follow up of the trained service providers to ensure that there is a continuous feedback on the extent of the competencies of the trained service providers;

(6) Develop a continuous report on the functionality of the delivery points vis-a-vis the deployment of the skilled service providers;

(7) Facilitate the identification of the gaps and weakness in terms of the critical maternal health interventions in the high priority/ aspirational districts and recommend suggestions to the department;

(8) Undertake a critical analysis of the Maternal Death Review in these high priority/ aspirational districts and provide recommendations and suggestions to the department;

(9) Undertake short assessments in identified institutions to explore the adherence of the quality of the maternal health interventions, especially the evidence based maternal practices, by the health service providers;

(10) Undertake a critical analysis of the MCHN days in the high priority/ aspirational districts through field visits and through observations from the RMNCH+A teams;

(11) Co-ordinate with the development partners and INGOs/ NGOs on the various maternal health interventions;

(12) Undertake field visits to the high priority/ aspirational districts and facilitate the adherence of the Laqshya guidelines;

(13) Provide critical inputs in raising the standards of the labour rooms in the delivery points with priority on high loaded institutions;

(14) Provide inputs in promoting postpartum sterilisation in the high priority districts;





MBBS graduate and preferable with Masters in Obstetrics and Gynecology/Public Health/Health Management/Preventive and Social Medicine



(1) Minimum 7-10 years of  predominant experience in service delivery;
(2) Experience and or familiarity with government health system.


Skills and Competencies:

(1) Good technical and clinical skills;

(2) Good training skills
(3) Good communication skills in Hindi and English;

(4) Proficiency in operating computers and MS Office package;

(5) Creative skills and ability in planning, implementation and monitoring programs;

(6) Ability to understand and address development related issues;
(7) Effective interpersonal skills and ability to work in diverse teams;

(8) Ability to work with a diverse group and settings;

(9) Ability to undertake travel to high priority and aspirational districts


The State Maternal Health Consultant (SMHC) shall be hired on a consultancy contract through Strategic Alliance Management Services P Ltd. (SAMS), a respected HR Agency.




The selected candidate shall be paid a consolidated amount ranging between Rs. 90,000-120,000 per month based on salary history, qualification and experience. In addition, laptop and communication allowances will also be provided to selected candidates.


7. LOCATION: State RMNCH+A unit, Directorate of Medical, Health and Family Welfare, Government of Rajasthan


8. DURATION: The successful candidate shall be issued an initial consultancy contract for one year, extendable for further period subject to satisfactory performance.






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