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Job Description

Leadership Development Specialist

Reach to Teach

Ahmedabad/ Gandhinagar, Gujarat

1. POSITION VACANT: Leadership Development Specialist, Reach to Teach, Gujarat



Reach to Teach (RTT) is an education charity that works with governments and other like-minded organisations, to improve the quality of primary education. RTT exists to transform the lives of children in remote and marginalised communities in India, by focusing on transforming classroom teaching practices and teacher-to-child engagement.


Founded in 2003, RTT has grown into an established charity improving the learning outcomes of children in the state of Gujarat and believes that the most important factor in improving children’s learning, is the quality of teaching. RTT’s technical team has helped successfully deploy international best practices in education, at rural schools in Gujarat and is committed to ensuring that the same are extended and adopted by all schools, state-wide.


RTT is working in coalition with other organisations, to support Government of Gujarat’s ongoing efforts to deliver systemic change to ensure better foundational literacy and numeracy outcomes.


For more information about Reach to Teach, please visit http://reach-to-teach.org/


About Educational Leadership Programme:


Working closely with the RTT education leadership resources, the Educational Leadership Support (ELS) Team will deploy RTT’s expertise and knowledge of international best practices in the leadership development of school and education system leaders within the Gujarat school system. RTT will set up, operate and transfer to government a successful and impactful Educational Leadership Programme, with a focus on the role of Head Teachers (HTs) as pedagogical leaders who promote positive teaching and learning in their schools.


The ELS Team will also provide professional development to those who work closely with HTs such as CRCs. The initial work of the team will involve an analysis of the current state, identifying challenges and opportunities.


Working closely with the government, the ELS team will work to define the role and scope of education leadership in resolving the education crisis, identifying how to empower system leaders to effect change. The ELS team will also incorporate identified insights in the design, implementation and running of the Educational Leadership Programme, before supporting the smooth transition to the government.




The Leadership Development Specialist (L-DS) will work closely with the RTT Education team located both in the UK and India, and with officials in the Gujarat Council of Education and Research and Training (GCERT) to co-design a series of educational leadership programmes. The incumbent will incorporate adult learning principles and modern techniques of classroom engagement into the design of professional development courses for HTs and other education system leaders, which aim to improve the quality of teaching and learning.


The post holder will start by building an understanding of the current training methodology and mechanics of training delivery and will conduct a gap analysis based on what is working and what needs to change and then conceptualise the vision and a roadmap for building a training curriculum.


S/he will also take effective interventions to help change the mindset around training and coaching amongst government stakeholders and HTs and create a culture of continuous learning.


The consultant will also provide strategic oversight and support, in all phases of the project, from the time it is built until it is transitioned to the government.


Key Roles and Responsibilities:


A. Program Management

(1) Ensure that the RTT education ethos and approach is reflected in the development and disposition of all programmes with emphasis on supporting continuous improvements in teaching and learning;

(2) Analyse the current state, identify challenges and opportunities and ensure that all programmes are inclusive of the emerging and established best practices in education system and school leadership;

(3) Advise on the analysis and interpretation of data, identify trends in the field of leadership development in education and test solutions;

(4) Build high-trust partnerships with school and system leaders to understand their challenges and opportunities;

(5) Support the development and design of high impact leadership development programmes for Head Teachers (HTs) and induction of new HTs in Gujarat, based on the insights gained by current state analysis;

(6) Translate objectives and challenges into leadership development strategies that drive impact at a systemic level;

(7) Build structures, content, management systems and training delivery teams;

(8) Draw upon a wide variety of techniques to ensure engagement, knowledge transfer and skill development; Implement a variety of solutions, including in-person, leadership skill-building workshops, team development events, virtual learning experiences, and online learning resources;

(9) Select, design and deploy appropriate mechanisms to measure the impact of learnings and track these with the help of reports;

(10) Work with the Course Design Lead to design a course that ensures that HTs improve in the following areas:

(a) Effective governance and administration of the school;

(b) Creat a culture of continuous learning in the schools that they are leading;

(c) Provide an effective professional development for teachers in schools;

(d) Actively involving and engaging students in the learning process;

(e) Transform the process of teaching and learning through innovation and learning from best practices;

(f) Share good practice within and across schools;

(g) Engage parents in supporting their child’s learning;


(11) Seek feedback regularly and feed this into the overall improvement of the programmes;

(12) Ensure the content reflects the use of a variety of tools and blended learning approach such as slow-paced, online, trainer-led, experiential and on the job training;

(12) Work closely with the RTT education team in ensuring alignment between its collective expertise in school leadership, the RTT theory of change, and the programmes offered;

(13) Carry out other duties within the scope and spirit of the job, and by the level of the post, as required.


B. Communication and Stakeholder Management

(1) Communicate complex and technical, information using different formats to a range of audiences to ensure clear and consistent understanding;

(2) Build relationships with fellow Programme Managers, government colleagues and professionals across the sector and relevant professional bodies as needed; Participate in regional and national meetings and conferences to gain and share knowledge and experience;

(3) Regularly update internal and external stakeholders of progress and changes on performance milestones and issues.


C. Teamwork and People Management

(1) Support the programme team, within the government system, for smooth transfer of ownership of the Leadership Programme;

(2) Promote and role model RTT’s management culture of openness, innovation, involvement, teamwork and performance.


D. Planning and Organising

(1) Support, plan and manage the curriculum design for the leadership development programme, with an appreciation of longer-term impact and ensure that the procedures complement and feed into the broader strategic plans of this programme.


E. Analysis and Problem Solving

(1) Support the Director and the Programme Manager, Educational Leadership to identify strengths, weaknesses and opportunities during the curriculum design of the programme.





Applicants must be Masters in Business Administration/ Leadership Development/ Education / Social Sciences


(1) Minimum five years of experience in designing training curriculum for the leaders, ideally within the education sector;

(2) Experience of having worked extensively on leadership learning;


Skills and Competencies:

(1) Knowledge of leadership models and theories in the areas of learning design, instructional design, adult learning, leadership development and programme improvement methodologies;

(2) Familiar with and act at all times in accordance with RTT’s values, policies, procedures, standing orders and financial regulations ensuring that staff are also aware of their obligations to follow them;

(1) Highly creative in the use of words for effective creation and delivery of training;

(2) Adept at writing, proper grammar and vocabulary;

(3) Ability to conduct primary and secondary research for identifying the newest trends and incorporate them in training approach;

(4) High social intelligence; Ability to engage and influence teams, create relationships of trust with stakeholders;

(5) Collaborative and solutions focused;

(6) Comfortable in negotiating and diffusing conflict; Seeking clarity and testing assumptions;

(7) Ability to develop learning architecture and develop a broader vision for the programme;

(8) Ability to think clearly and rationally and select the best method for training delivery;

(9) Ability to spot gaps, establish need and opportunities;

(10) Ability to successfully manage project deliverables in stipulated time and budget;

(11) Ability to incorporate feedback and continually work on project improvement;

(12) Demonstrated commitment to being open and honest, sharing information and encouraging inclusive dialogue at all levels;

(13) Demonstrated commitment to sharing challenges, avoiding working in silos, building ideas collaboratively and respecting and supporting each other to make positive contributions to work;

(14) Ability to deal well with ambiguity, uncertainty and change;

(15) Ability to adapt well to shifting priorities;

(16) Ability to juggle different and conflicting priorities;

(17) Ability to reflect, self-aware, able to regulate, empathetic, and capable of deep listening;

(18) Ability to adopt a global mind-set, cultural sensitivity, and the ability to relate to and work effectively across cultures;

(19) Excellent presence and executive communication skills, able to articulate and communicate well to a wide variety of senior-level leadership;

(20) Ability to read, write and speak in Gujarati at a functional level;

(21) Ability and willingness to travel as per job requirements.




Gross compensation for the position is attractive. Please note that the offer made to the selected candidate shall be commensurate with qualifications, experience and salary history.


6. LOCATION: Ahmedabad/ Gandhinagar, Gujarat


7. APPOINTMENT: This is a full-time position. The initial contract offered shall be till March 2022 and renewable thereafter based on performance.





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