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Job Description

Senior Director – Program Operations Quality and Learning (POQL)

CARE India

New Delhi

1. POSITION(S) VACANT: Senior Director – Program Operations Quality and Learning (POQL), CARE India, New Delhi



CARE India is a part of the CARE International Confederation working in 84 countries for a world where all people live in dignity and security.


CARE has been working in India for over 60 years, focusing on ending poverty and social injustice through comprehensive programmes in health, education, livelihoods and disaster preparedness and response.


In India, CARE focuses on the empowerment of women and girls, because they are disproportionately affected by poverty and discrimination and suffer abuse and violations in the realisation of their rights, entitlements and access and control over resources.


For more information about CARE India please visit http://www.careindia.org/



CARE India’s Senior Director (POQL) shall be responsible for technical excellence of programming across CARE India’s portfolio. S/he shall oversee and work with the thematic program teams, to ensure high quality program development and implementation. S/he will play a critical role in aligning programming with CARE India’s Strategic Programming Framework, with the goal of empowering Dalit and Adivasi women and girls and their attainment of secure and resilient lives. S/he shall also promote the consistent application of CARE India’s crosscutting strategies (viz. inclusive governance, resilience and equitable gender relations and norms) in technical interventions and overall programming.


The Senior Director shall ensure strategic representation of CARE India in prioritized national and global platforms, to further CARE India’s positioning as a knowledge organization, with high quality programming and influence in key thematic areas. S/he shall also represent CARE India to donors and cultivate strategic and productive relationships to support CARE India’s work. The Senior Director shall play a key role in brokering partnerships with key actors in CARE India’s thematic focus areas, particularly at national and international levels.


This position is responsible for ensuring high quality technical assistance to CARE India’s projects. In addition, s/he shall link program colleagues in the CARE International Confederation, to attract support for CARE India’s programs and to disseminate learnings from India, for use in the wider CARE world.


The Senior Director shall be responsible for the evolution and use of thematic strategies that are aligned with CARE India’s strategic programming framework, and play a key role in developing, updating and refining CARE India’s flagship approaches for analysis and programming. Through these mechanisms, s/he will ensure the overlap between thematic areas such as health, education, livelihoods, and disaster preparedness and response, with CARE India’s crosscutting strategies.


S/he shall promote adherence to CARE International’s programming principles and core values and support as well as exemplify the role of CARE India and partner staff as knowledge workers. S/he will be responsible for developing a strong team and facilitating collaboration among thematic teams, and with other organizational functions.


Key Deliverables:

(A) Management of Program Teams

(1) Line manage thematic teams ensuring strong, cohesive and coordinated support to CARE India projects, aligned with strategic priorities;

(2) Recruit, orient, supervise, manage performance, coach, and mentor direct reports, enabling them to fulfill objectives which shape strategic directions, and support the development of their career paths and succession plans;

(3) Facilitate alignment of team focus, priorities and ways of working with organizational strategic programming framework, policies and principles;

(4) Ensure efficient planning and management of thematic inputs to CARE India projects;

(5) Nurture productive relationships between thematic teams and program operations/ hubs, measurement, advocacy, and fundraising teams, linking communication flow across teams;

(6) Provide oversight for capacity building efforts on thematic focus areas and crosscutting strategies to support high quality programming, high levels of technical expertise, research and knowledge and to facilitate links between CARE India staff;

(7) Create a learning environment that values all staff as knowledge workers;

(8) Provide oversight to technical team budgets and monitor funding and spending, reporting to donors and proposals to ensure an appropriate balance between program development and technical support functions.


(B) Technical Leadership and Standards

(1) Promote technical excellence in all areas of CARE India’s thematic focus (health, education, livelihoods and disaster response and preparedness), ensuring crosscutting strategies that promote inclusive governance, enhance resilience, and a shift in gender norms and relations;

(2) Ensure the application of high-quality standards in CARE India’s programming, drawing evidence from research and state of the art knowledge;

(3) Ensure the application of regularly updated thematic strategies that align with CARE India’s Strategic Programming Framework, as well as CARE’s Mission and Vision;

(4) Promote key innovation within thematic areas (with clarity on what is treated as an innovation), and the cultivation of strategic partnerships to seed, test and share results of innovations; Lead efforts for model development in thematic areas and crosscutting themes;

(5) Facilitate identification and promotion of scalable solutions for key development problems in thematic areas prioritized by CARE India, and work with program and fundraising teams to achieve impact at scale;

(6) Promote the use of clear conceptual thinking, clarifying key conceptual frameworks, including the sustainable livelihoods framework and CARE’s women’s empowerment and governance frameworks;

(7) Support implementation of CARE India’s Knowledge Management, Impact Measurement, and Learning strategy, and ensure quality of program reporting to internal stakeholders and to donors;

(8) Promote development of the learning agenda associated with CARE India learning themes (in the areas of inclusive governance, resilience and equitable relations and norms).


(C) Resource Mobilization and Portfolio Development

(1) Support effective coordination within thematic teams and with fundraising teams, to plan and implement resource mobilization efforts;

(2) Provide leadership to CARE India’s efforts to respond to competitive bids in an efficient manner, ensuring a competitive edge in areas core to CARE’s programming, and presenting the best that CARE Global has to offer;

(3) Oversee and support the efforts of thematic teams to develop a robust program portfolio in line with CARE India’s Strategic Programming Framework;

(4) Review the quality and alignment of proposals developed and make efforts to develop successful and impactful proposals;

(5) Oversee the proposal pipeline and develop systems to maintain a healthy pipeline and database of proposals and concept notes.


(D) Representation, Networking and Advocacy

(1) Provide technical support and strategic inputs for representation and influencing of key nodal ministries at the national level, positioning CARE India as a high expertise, competent knowledge organization;

(2) Support and encourage teams to develop strong program communication and knowledge products, and lead efforts to share this widely in recognized platforms and mediums;

(3) Motivate and build capacity of the program team to build strategic relationships with subject experts within and outside India in areas of greatest interest to CARE in coordination with the advocacy team;

(4) Enable program teams to channel the voices of impact populations to higher levels through advocacy efforts;

(5) Support development of clarity of purpose related to advocacy agendas associated with thematic areas that are consistent with CARE India’s Strategic Programming Framework;

(6) Support development of strategic partnerships and represent CARE India with key donors related to thematic areas and CARE crosscutting strategies;

(7) Respond to requests for inputs to government and donor development design.


(E) Leadership and Change Management in a Complex Environment

(1) With other members of the senior team, provide leadership to the implementation of the Knowledge Management, Impact Monitoring and Learning Strategy, including monitoring of overall organizational performance;

(2) Encourage and build strong technical, analytical and representational skills and competencies in program teams;

(3) Enable teams to collaborate and identify and embrace complexity, to remain resilient and productive in an evolving environment;

(4) Ensure the consistent pursuit of building behaviors and characteristics in line with CARE India’s commitment to Gender Equity and Diversity across all teams.




Master’s degree in a thematic area, or public policy or social sciences or equivalent education, preferably from a top tier institute.



(1) Minimum 15 years’ experience in development (with some exposure to CARE thematic areas and crosscutting themes, with emphasis on livelihoods), including eight years’ experience in managing program teams;

(2) Proven track record of negotiations and building partnerships with government, NGOs and other development actors (networks, coalitions);

(3) Experience of designing development initiatives (in CARE priority areas);

(4) Experience of working with and managing large and diverse teams;

(5) Prior experience of working in a multi-sector development and humanitarian organization, is highly desirable.


Skills and Competencies

(1) Sound understanding of conceptual frameworks and updated knowledge in the areas of gender equality, governance, resilience, apart from thematic areas within health, education, livelihoods and disaster preparedness;

(2) Strong skills in communicating with impact (writing, verbal, advocacy and influencing at multiple levels);

(3) Demonstrable knowledge worker characteristics;

(4) Ability to do social and gender analysis;

(5) Ability to execute complex problem-solving;

(6) Demonstrable strategic systems thinking;

(7) Adaptive leadership;

(8) Strong participatory management and good facilitation skills;

(9) High level of integrity;

(10) Compassionate and respectful of all people.



Gross compensation budgeted for the position is Rs. 40 lacs per annum. The offer made to the selected candidate shall be commensurate with qualifications, experience and salary history.

6. LOCATION: New Delhi





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