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Job Description

State ART PPTCT Coordinator

International Development Agency

Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh

1. POSITION(S) VACANT: State ART PPTCT Coordinator, International Development Agency, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh



Our client is a respected, International Development Agency (IDA), that works across the globe to promote children's survival, protection and development.


Project Background:

The overall goal of HIV efforts in India is to halt and reverse the epidemic over the next five years by integrating programmes for prevention, care, support and treatment in MCH services. Strengthening infrastructure, systems and human resources in HIV & AIDS prevention, care, support and treatment programmes at the district, state and national level are the key components in the plan as an integral part of health care delivery system for MCH.

Elimination of Parent to Child Transmission (EMTCT) of HIV is the vision of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 2032 project. National AIDS Control Program (NACP 14) envisages integration of Prevention of Parent to Child Transmission (PPTCT), with maternal new-born health services, of HIV and Syphilis, as prime focused interventions, to eliminate HIV and Syphilis in Madhya Pradesh. The state target for 2022 is achieving coverage of 95% of pregnant women with HIV counselling and testing and ensuring 100% infants are tested for Early Infant Diagnosis (EID) tests as per the EID protocol. IDA is supporting the state (MPSACS and NHM) with regular monitoring and mentoring of PPTCT and EID through regular training, reviews at district and state level and data validation field monitoring visits, to ensure counselling and testing of pregnant women. 68 staff from Integrated Counselling Testing Centres (ICTCs), Lab technicians and counsellors, and SNCU staff nurses trained in 3 batches on PPTCT and EID training. IDA supported 12 fortnightly data analysis, validation and reviews and 50 supportive supervision visits to 49 districts in MP in 2018. Out of 147,267 women registered for ANC, 111,020 (75%) registered mothers were counselled and tested for HIV. Out of 331 HIV exposed live births, 16 died after birth and 323 were given ARV, of these 39% administered ARV for 6 weeks and 61% for 12 weeks, of these 100% tested for EID protocol at 6 weeks and 93% started on Cotrimoxezole prophylaxis. Of these 198 babies tested for HIV at 18 months, 17 found positive (8.5%) and 16 where ART was initiated. Out of 1170 Primary Health Centres (PHCs) 661 offer HIV counselling and testing to pregnant women.

As per the IDA Country Program Cycle Action Plan (CPAP), and in sync with IDA Rolling work Plan (RWP) 2018-2019, IDA continues, to support the State PPTCT and ART consultant through third party at Madhya Pradesh State AIDS Control Society (MPSACS).   2019 onwards, it is also essential to target expansion of Facility based Integrated Counselling Testing Centres (FICTCs), conduct regular monthly data validation, review meetings and supportive supervision visits at FICTCs and stand- alone ICTCs. As per the Quality Improvement initiative for LaQSHYA, there is a need to provide supportive supervision to Model labor rooms and integrate HIV ICTC monitoring as part of LaQSHYA checklist. Continue to build capacity of facility based maternal health staff at primary, secondary as well as tertiary level to follow EMTCT and EID protocols for HIV and Syphilis prevention and integration into Ante-natal services, early diagnosis and referral to ART centres. Under the Health and Wellness centres (HWC) guidelines 2019 and Ayushman Bharat schemes, it will be essential to ensure that HIV counselling and testing is part of the integrated HWC in select facilities at Madhya Pradesh. Over the years IDA in partnership with RKSK is also focusing on HIV, STI prevention and Sexual and Reproductive Health among adolescents and management of children living with HIV/AIDS.




The State ART PPTCT Coordinator (SAPC) shall be responsible for meticulous planning, sound implementation, robust monitoring and supervision and effective interlinks between NACP and State Health Systems, governmental and non- governmental organizations, public sector and private sector to assure universal access to PPTCT services in the state.


The Consultant shall accelerat the efficiency of implementation of the WHO Option-B regimen with strong linkages with overall Reproductive, Maternal and Newborn Health, along with support initiatives and activities among the communities and NGOs, to lead to improved indicators for women and children in the area of HIV/AIDS.


The incumbent shall also be responsible for providing support to MPSACS for effective planning, implementation and monitoring of key PPTCT activities and bringing all key stakeholders together. The Consultant will also support IDA and MPSACS to develop a data base of Children Living with HIV/AIDS and link Madhya Pradesh with the Paediatric Centre of Excellence (PCOE) Maharashtra under the guidance of MPSACS.

Key Deliverables:

(1) Support the planning, implementation and supportive supervision, monitoring and evaluation of PPTCT new regimen and Paediatric ART;
(2) Strengthen PPTCT and Paediatric ART information management;

(3) Monitor supply chain management related to PPTCT and Paediatric ART and OI management like Pneumonia Diarrhoea Management;

(4) Monitor expansion of FICTCs and ICTCs at 661/1170 PHCs and expand the same to other PHCs and advocate for integrated HIV counseling testing, under Health and Wellness Centres (HWC) maternal health services;

(5) Ensure coordination and linkages with Reproductive, Maternal, Newborn, Child and Adolescent Health services (RMNCH+A), Medical Colleges and Private Medical Sector, including NGOs, civil society, networks of children and adolescents living with HIV;

(6) Ensure Advocacy, Communication & Social Mobilisation (ASCM) for efficient roll out of PPTCT, EID and strong prevention and care and support component of pregnant women, children and adolescents living with HIV;

(7) Provide specialized Technical Assistance for strengthening PPTCT, EID and adolescent health;
(8) Development of a state micro plan for roll out of PPTCT new regimen and Paediatric ART and assist MPSACS in implementing the plan including coordination with ART staff, ICTC staff, RCH, development of capacity among State Medical and Para-medical staff, monitoring / mentoring field visits etc;
(9) Strategize and execute plans for scaling up of coverage of ANC with HIV testing services, including the private sector. Testing and treatment of Children living with HIV and Paediatric ART;
(10) Develop strategies for minimizing linkage loss within the PPTCT cascade from detection to treatment;

(11) Prepare Annual Action Plans with respect to PPTCT, EID, Paediatric ART, Expansion of FICTC/ ICTC at PHCs, integration with RMNCH+A services at aspiration districts and select Health and Wellness Centres (HWCs) in the state; Integrate, referral and follow up under the HBYC and community monitoring programmes, for monitoring progress of women and children living with HIV; Support MPSACS to monitor Blood safety at Blood Storage Units (BSUs) for maternal care at select health facilities, including bio-waste management and infection control practices, as per NQAS protocols and checklists. LaQSHYA LR OT monitoring and Health and wellness centres monitoring for select facilities;
(12) Review meetings at state /district /block level and provide inputs into PPTCT programme;
(13) Coordinate with key state, divisional and district level skills-based training, for facility and community staff with focus on IDA and RMNCH+A districts for RCH and HIV staff on PPTCT new regimen and Paediatric ART;
(14) Coordinate and facilitate the exposure visit to Paediatric Centre of Excellence (PCOE) in Maharashtra under guidance of IDA, Health Specialist, MP; Establish linkages with Private sector, civil society, PLHIV/ Adolescent HIV networks, to monitor progress and social protection schemes for care and support of women, children and adolescents living with HIV;
(15) Integrate with RKSK for prevention of HIV, Sexual reproductive health, preventing high risk behaviours during Peer review training;
(16) Coordinate key training for Pneumonia Diarrhoea Management based on protect Prevent treat framework of IAPPD for ART staff responsible for Paediatric HIV management;
(17) Support MPSACS for quality record keeping of data, follow up on data collection, validation, analysis and reporting as well as feedback to the relevant facilities and functionaries;
(18) Keep track of the validated data flow on regular basis among different levels of service delivery with specific focus on follow up of HIV positive pregnant women and children to identify drop out and assisting in compliance for treatment and care;
(19) Harmonization in record keeping and report generation under NACP (SIMS) and NRHM (MCTS);

(20) Assist MPSACS BSD in reporting on PPTCT and Paediatric ART related data through SIMS on a regular basis;

(21) Review Management of Opportunistic management including Pneumonia Diarrhoea among Children living with HIV in Madhya Pradesh including status of training, supply chain for testing and treatment kits;

(22) Assist MPSACS and NHM, MP for efficient commodities management related to PPTCT including timely forecasting, planning, procurements, monitoring the supply use at health facilities and reporting on stock outs on timely basis;

(23) Monitoring of variance analysis and feedback to MPSACS and NHM MP for necessary action including stock of HIV testing kits, ART drugs, Essential drugs like Cotrimoxezole, Antibiotics, ORs and Zinc, nebulizer and Oxygen based on Protect Prevent treat Framework under IAPPD;

(24) Coordinate with key officials at NACO under guidance of IDA, Madhya Pradesh and MPSACS;

(25) Coordination and linkages with RMNCH+A initiative at state, district, block and facility level to ensure utilization of the existing resources for improving coverage of PPTCT services and community demand/ care seeking, Medical Colleges, Private Medical Sector including NGOs, and coordination with all concerned divisions/ services under NACP for efficient services;

(26) Coordinate with IDA Child Health Consultants at state, district and divisional levels to review RMNCH+A data with focus on PPTCT and CLHIV service coverage;

(27) Assist MPSACS to develop and implement the comprehensive Communication and Social mobilization strategy for PPTCT and Paediatric ART service, delivery, service utilization and linkages with all concern stakeholders including community networks, outreach workers, NGOs, etc;

(28) Provide technical assistance to MPSACS, districts and block authorities on progress in relation to the 4 prongs of PPTCT viz. to ensure prevention, care and support.



Qualification and Experience:
(1) MBBS with Post Graduate Degree in Public Health / Community Medicine/ Obstetrics & Gynaecology / Paediatrics/ Health Management/ Health Administration with working experience in Public Health systems for at least 5-12 years after PG (Degree), preferably related to RCH / HIV / AIDS Care and Support / Sexual Reproductive Health (SRH) and STI Services and programme management at state and district level;


(2) Bachelors/ Masters in Social Work/ Sociology/ Psychology/ Bachelors with 5-10 years of experience of working at district, state level for AIDS Control program/ RCH program with focus on Care and Support, STI/ RTI/ SRH PPTCT programme and Clinical Management of HIV/AIDS or HIV/TB programme at state and district level;

(3) Experience in designing, implementation, management and evaluation of health and HIV related project / programme, etc at district and above level;

(4) Knowledge of PPTCT EID Data management and CIMS and HMIS will be desirable.


Skills and Competencies:

(1) Proficiency in English and Hindi both, written and spoken will be an added asset;
(2) Good computer skills, including MS Excel, Data analysis and information management will be an added advantage;
(3) Good Oration and presentation skills.

5. ESTIMATED TRAVEL: Approximately 18 days in a month for achievement of the listed deliverables. (Additionally, consultant will be required, to travel to the six days per year for national review meetings and workshops)



The SAPC shall be hired on a consultancy contract through Strategic Alliance Management Services P Ltd. (SAMS), a respected HR Agency.




Remuneration payable to the selected candidate in the form of professional fees shall be attractive and in alignment with market norms.


Applicants are required to provide details of salary history, as well as expected remuneration for the position, in the online application form, comprising:


(a) Monthly Professional Fees and

(b) Daily Subsistence Allowance (DSA) for field travel outside the duty station.



(1) The above elements shall be a key input into the selection and negotiation process

(2) Candidates are expected to have their own laptops and be internet connected and these items shall not be provided.


8. LOCATION: MP State AIDS Control Society (MPSACS), Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh


9. DURATION: The successful candidate shall be issued a consultancy contract from the date of joining till December 31, 2019.






Strategic Alliance Management Services P Ltd.
1/1B, Choudhary Hetram House, Bharat Nagar 
New Friends Colony, New Delhi 110 025
Phone Nos.: 011- 2684 2162; 4165 3612 



Eligible candidates interested in the position are requested to apply using the link by or before March 10, 2019.