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Interview Preparation FAQs


Q 1: I have already registered for the service but I have just been informed that my interview is likely to be scheduled only next month. Is it possible that I can defer availment of your service till then?

Answer: Yes, you can. However, if you are aware of the job for which you will be called for interview, we would suggest that you share the JD and CV right away, so that we can complete match-up analysis and develop and share the practice Question Bank with you. We can defer the mock-interview to a later date.

Q 2: I am pursuing job opportunities and expect to soon receive a positive response. Can I still register for this service?

Answer: There may be value in registering for interview preparation support, for the job you have applied for, only if you are very confident that you will get an interview call.  In the event, you are not called, or are called for a different and dissimilar job, the interview preparation support we provide you, may not be very helpful.

Q 3: Do you have the facility of conducting a face to face interview session, instead of a telephonic round?

Answer: Based on request, we are happy to provide the facility for face to face interview session for candidates based in New Delhi. We are experimenting with Skype video sessions for outstation candidates and this service can also be provided, based on request. However, please note that in the event of a poor internet connection that does not support good quality Skype video interaction, we shall switch to a telephonic interaction.

Q 4: I have a job interview in 3-4 days. Is there any possibility of fast tracking the interview preparation service?

Answer: We generally take 5-7 days to complete the entire process. However, we can still try to fast track the process, subject to availability of interviewers.

Q 5: After the job analysis and CV match, would you also help me improve my resume for better match with Job Description?
Answer: The purpose of JACM is to match-up your depth of experience in different responsibility areas, vis-à-vis the job requirement. This helps us to identify areas of experience deficit for which you may need to prepare more thoroughly. Please note that  we do not presently provide support in the area of resume improvement.

Q 6. What is the minimum number of days required for SAMS to deliver?

Answer: Our process commences after two days of registration. The entire interview preparation process, culminating in the provision of interview analysis and feedback, will be completed in five days thereafter.

Q 7. I have not yet been shortlisted for interview. Will you be able to provide interview preparation services in anticipation of my being shortlisted for an interview?

Answer: Please note that our entire Interview Preparation support process is with respect to the particular position you have applied for and shortlisted for interview.

We do not provide general coaching inputs, but support for specific vacancies. Please avail of our services only if you are fairly confident that you shall be called for interview for the position you have applied for.

Q 8. I work in an MNC Bank and have been called for an interview by another bank, next week. Can I register for this service?

Answer: SAMS is focused on providing recruitment assistance to candidates working in the public health and development sectors, only. We do not presently coach candidates working outside of these sectors.

Q 9. I have been shortlisted for a vacancy that appears to have been mandated to SAMS. Can I register for interview preparation services with you?

Answer: Due to conflict of interest, we do not tele-coach candidates who have applied for vacancies that have been mandated to SAMS.

Q 10. Based on the feedback you provide, will I improve my skills in giving interviews?

Answer: SAMS interview preparation service helps you prepare for a specific, upcoming interview. We analyze the job you have applied for and your resume and coach you through a dummy, practice interview session.

We believe that preparation as above, puts you in a confident frame of mind walking into the interview room and this improves performance.

Please note that SAMS does not coach you to generally improve your interview-giving skills.

Q 11. How can I upgrade my pack from standard to platinum?

Answer: Standard pack subscribers may upgrade to a platinum pack subscriber at any time within 30 days of their sign-up, by paying an incremental Rs. 1,500/- (Junior Job-Seekers) or Rs. 2,500/- (Senior Job-Seekers).

Q 12. Is there a possibility of downgrading the pack from platinum to standard?

Answer: Yes, platinum pack subscribers may opt to downgrade their subscription to a standard pack, after availing of interview preparation support for the first interview. Downgrading subscribers shall be eligible for refund of the incremental charge between a standard and platinum pack.

Q 13. I don’t reside in India. In that case, what would be the procedure for tele-coaching?

Answer: We would be giving you an option to interact and interview with us using Skype's free audio link service.

However, please note that the quality of sound for this mode of communication is dependent on the speed and quality of internet connections, over which SAMS has no control.

Please also note that our service is geared in providing support to candidates interviewing for public health and development sector vacancies, with employers based in India.

Q 14. Can I get my money back if I am not satisfied with the service?

Answer: We do not refund subscriptions. Please note the following:

SAMS aims at providing the highest degree of service, but make no claims of guaranteeing success in an interview.

Provision of interview support, entails significant effort by our team of consultants, the cost of which is recovered from our clients.