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Job Description

Head – Finance and Administration

Alliance for an Energy Efficient Economy (AEEE)

New Delhi

1. POSITION VACANT: Head – Finance and Administration, Alliance for an Energy Efficient Economy, New Delhi




Incorporated in 2008, the Alliance for an Energy Efficient Economy (AEEE) is an industry led, membership based Indian non-profit organization, that drives energy efficiency markets and policies in India.


AEEE is the only organisation in India which works on creating awareness about energy efficiency as a resource. The organization aims to transform India into a global leader in the field of energy efficiency, by reducing the country’s energy intensity. AEEE is working towards making India a globally competitive and environmentally sustainable economy and one of the most attractive markets for companies, with the best available energy efficient technologies.


The organization also provides a convening platform for Government and Industry to engage in a constructive dialogue, for the design and implementation of more effective and impactful policies.


Over the years, major foundations, as well as bilateral and multilateral agencies, have helped AEEE grow, as well as undertake projects in the area of energy efficiency policy advocacy and business enablement, with emphasis on knowledge products and the creation of more effective and credible platforms.


For more information about the organisation, please visit https://aeee.in/




Reporting to the Executive Director and President, the Head- Finance and Administration (HFA) shall be responsible for providing strategic leadership at the senior level in the organisation, creating the strategy for Finance and Administration in alignment with AEEE’s organizational strategy as well as for guiding, reviewing and monitoring the development and implementation of systems and processes in the function. The post holder will play a key part in anticipating and identifying critical system needs for better support for program and operations management and proactively deliver such systems in a timely and cost-effective manner besides ensuring compliance on legal requirements.


The HFA shall provide support to the ED & President and Research and Marketing teams to perform efficiently and productively and provide financial data and analytics for efficiency and streamlined operation. S/he shall also build an organisation that is able to attract and retain top talent and ensure organisational compliances for all authorities.


Key Responsibilities:


Strategy Development and Budgeting
(1) Provide strategic leadership as a member of the senior management team;

(2) Provide strategic inputs to the executive council, president and other directors on revenue generation, de-risking the organization and AEEE’s financial resilience;

(3) Develop a fully integrated strategy for Finance and Administration in line with the current organizational strategy including strategy for integrated information systems that uses appropriate technology and provides information to support all business operations;

(4) Prepare the organization and Finance and Administration budget and ensure its adherence;  

(5) Constantly endeavor to improve the systems and processes to deliver high quality financial, IT and administrative services;


Finance and Administration Management


(A) Financial Management

(1) Streamline financial systems and processes with maximum automation possible with the help of appropriate MIS systems;

(2) Automate the entire life cycle of Grant Management from budget preparation to utilization certificate and closure;

(3) Develop an MIS suitable for maintaining AEEE accounts, and for monthly, quarterly and annual reporting; 

(4) Design and ensure adherence to Finance and Accounting Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs);

(5) Direct establishment of accounting systems and culture to ensure timely account reconciliation and data entry, timely processing of payments and adherence to funds utilization processes and protocols;

(6) Review monthly financial results and discuss the deviations/variances with the ED and President and suggest corrective actions;

(7) Analyze the financial performance of AEEE and share the report with the AEEE Executive Council through the Finance and Audit Committee on monthly, quarterly and annual basis

(8) Ensure filing and monitoring on all aspects of compliance with laws and regulations with regard to Not-for-Profit organization (such as Societies Acts, FCRA etc.);

(9) Oversee the budgeting process for development of new proposals;

(10) Monitor cash flow, accounts and other financial transactions;

(11) Supervise finance and account team in the facilitation of day to day operations, including tracking financial date, invoicing, payroll etc.;

(12) Create and maintain relationships with service providers including banking institutions and accounting organizations;

(13) Examine financial and legal documents to verify accuracy and adherence to financial regulations and acceptable financial principles.


(B) Grants Management

(1) Monitor grants from foundations; Ensure regular audits and financial reporting of all the grants received at AEEE;

(2) Support the technical team in preparing the financial proposals, review and approve grant agreements, ensure compliance with grant agreement throughout the grant period;

(3) Ensure that all financial transactions are as per the approved grants budgets;

(4) Ensure timely development of quality donor reports, as per requirements.


(C) Financial Risk Management

(1) Direct and coordinate all finance function activities in the organization, ensuring judicious utilization of funds and minimization of financial risk;

(2) Drive reserves planning and cash flow management and identify potential risk scenarios on a regular basis;

(3) Assist the Finance and Audit committee and President in creating financial scenarios consistent with AEEE strategy and revenue streams and expected expenses and organisation growth plans.


(D) Information Systems

(1) Ensure development and implementation of information management strategy, policies, systems and processes;

(2) Ensure delivery of high-quality information systems services characterized by on-time, appropriate and cost-effective operations;

(3) Facilitate integration with new information systems technologies for better efficiency and ease of operations.


(E) Facilities and Administration

(1) Ensure cost effective facilities and infrastructure management, including leasing, housekeeping, etc.

(2) Develop the annual administration budget for the organization, based on the business plans, growth envisaged in terms of number of employees, programs, infrastructure, etc.;

(3) Ensure implementation of the administration policies and adherence to them.


(F) Procurement

(1) Ensure quality and timely procurements of all goods and services as per AEEE’s procurement guidelines;

(2) Ensure regular vendor development in various categories for procurement of goods and services;

(3) Review and sign-off on all vendor and consultant contracts/agreements and ensure adherence to statutory requirements.


Compliance and Audit


(A) Compliance

(1) Ensure that all financial and accounting transactions at AEEE are compliant with statutory rules and regulations (FCRA, Income Tax, RBI Rules, etc.);  

(2) Defining control mechanisms and reviewing internal operations / processes to ensure statutory and regulatory compliances;

(3) Develop and implement procedures for contract management and administration in compliance with the organization’s policy;

(4) Ensure that all tax assessment notices/ issues are addressed and resolved in a proper and timely manner;

(5) Ensuring highest standards of corporate governance at AEEE;

(6) Ensure complete adherence to the donors’ requirements.


(B) Audit

(1) Ensure the execution of audits in accordance with the accepted standards to ensure accountability and transparency;

(2) Ensure timely completion of all audits (external, donor and internal);

(3) Ensure required support and access to information to external auditors and auditors appointed by the donors;

(4) Ensure prompt closure of non-compliances/issues highlighted in the internal and external audits, as well as audits conducted by donors;

(5) Undertaking all compliance audit for the organization as required, and share the report with the President and Finance and Audit committee.


Team Development

(1) Mentor, provide operational leadership and technical guidance to the team, thereby developing a strong and competent team and a conducive work environment;

(2) Promote a culture of “Excellence” in the Finance and Administration team;

(3) Conduct effective performance appraisals for the team and identify training needs;

(4) Strengthen inter-team communication, engender good team dynamics and resolve internal issues as required;

(5) Actively participate in recruitment for the key positions in the function.




Qualifications and Experience:

(1) Applicants must have a professional qualification in accounts and be qualified Chartered Accountants, or Cost and Management Accountants, or equivalent, with a minimum of 10 years of work experience;

(2) Prior experience of heading Finance and Administration in development sector/ think-tank/ private university is essential;

(3) Applicants having an MBA in Finance with sound exposure to handling the job responsibilities identified with reputed development sector organisations/ think-tanks/ private universities may be considered;

(4) Working experience and knowledge of information systems processes and systems is essential.


Skills and Competencies

(1) Proven experience of strategy formulation and implementation of systems and strategies in key business areas; 

(2) Strong financial acumen and a good understanding of creating results-oriented plans and delivery mechanisms;

(3) Excellent communication skills and capability to represent the organization in professional forums;

(4) Experience in and understanding of the development sector;

(6) Ability to create systems and process for accounting and reporting as per organizational requirements; grant management and utilisation certificates;

(7) Eye for detail, knowledge about the statutory and regulatory compliances related to non-profit operations;

(8) Substantive knowledge of information systems development, policies and systems related to Hardware, Software, Platforms, Applications, Web Sites, Security, Data and Privacy;

(9) Strong financial skills to present financial data to non-financial professionals.




The gross remuneration budgeted for the position is attractive and shall be commensurate with the qualifications, experience, and salary history, of the selected candidate.


6. LOCATION: New Delhi.







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